"I want to start by thanking Homero, he is just an amazing story, an amazing person...a clear reminder of why we are here today and what we are working for." Michelle Obama, 2014


"Homero has extensive experience working with multi-cultural, ethnically, economically and socially diverse students. When he graduated from SDSU he was selected to represent the school counseling cohort and the “most outstanding student” by his peers. Since leaving the SDSU program Homero has gone on to do amazing things in the profession of school counseling. He has modeled the excellence we teach to support students to be leaders, advocates, and systemic change agents. Homero has had an extraordinary career thus far as a school counselor. He is highly professional,
extremely hard working, personally engaging, and a terrific human being. He is a passionate advocate for all students, but particularly for the students that need it most." 

Dr. Trish Hatch, Author/National Leader in School Counseling

"Homero Magaña brings people together in his keynotes by unifying them with a common theme and with poignant personal stories and a healthy dose of humor. As a speaker at our 2020 School Counselor Symposium, he played an essential role in setting the tone for the day around equity and college and career readiness for all students. School counselors and administrators alike were riveted through his talk and the participant reviews proved that his impact on their work, and themselves, will be enduring." 

Dr. Cristine H. Chopra, Executive Director, Santa Cruz County Office of Education College Committment

"Homero Magaña presented to the Men of Color students in October 2022 at California Lutheran University. The students felt a strong connection with him because he integrates props and different voices to make his presentation very authentic and engaging. The presentation was tailored to university students and it prompted them to think about their future career and long term financial goals."

Silvia Neves, PhD

Title V Project Director-Collaborative for Hispanics In Higher Education and Student Success (CHESS)